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Burgundians pay attention!

Are you a big fan of wine or whiskey, among other things, and do you visit several tastings more often during the year? 

Then the Tasting Club card is meant for you! 

  • You love to visit tastings
  • With the TastingTicket Clubcard it’s easy to reserve the various tastings
  • Discount on your Ticket price!
  • No subscription costs
  • You can choose where and when
  • Clubcard choice of  3 | 5 | 7
Tickets Prijs ticket korting per ticket pakketprijs
3 tickets € 25,00 € 2,50 € 67,50
5 tickets € 25,00 € 3,75 € 106,25
7 tickets € 25,00 € 5,00 € 140,00

How does it work

You can buy the Tasting Clubcard for 3 | 5 | 7 tickets per card.
this card is valid for one year form the date of purchase

After purchasing the Tasting Club card, you will receive the club card
digitally via Email.
Hereby you get a discount code that you can use when booking the
tasting of your choice at one of the affiliated companies.

The club card is valid on tastings from € 25.00 and you get a fixed
discount on this amount by purchasing the club card in advance with
the number of tickets you have chosen. 

If you have used up all the tickets on your card, you can buy a new card,
this is entirely free of obligation and you can buy it anytime.
You are not required to book with the same provider.

You are free to book a tasting with each provider. It is also possible to
use the Tasting Ticket Card for more expensive  tastings; you then pay
the difference


  • Can only be ordered via Tasting Club
  • Minimum age for purchase is 18 years
  • Valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Not to be returned for cash
  • Only bookable through Tasting Club at the affiliated companies
  • Companies can be recognized by the Tasting Club logo
  • You can reserve maximum 2 tickets per tasting 

Where to spend

You can only use the TastingTicket Club card with the providers who accept the Club card.
These can be recognized by the TT logo and can be booked exclusively with Tasting Ticket.

The Tasting Club card is personal, you can book a maximum of 2 tickets per tasting. View
the range and let the fun begin!